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The Cogcentric Labs team of experts is always here to help you with any project big or small! With decades of experience in instuctional design and creating training programs, our services are here to make sure your project gets launched succesfully.

Instructional Design

Instructional design is the development and implementation of training programs and systems. It is also where Cogcentric Labs focuses its attention. We specialize in creating curriculums, data structures, and workflows that are effective and sustainable for any organization.

We apply the current best practices in the educational technology field from needs analysis, to content authoring, to evaluating the launched product. Cogcentric Labs instructional design service is the best way to get the most out of your Fabric LMS.

Media Production

Multimedia is an important piece in any modern training program. The Cogcentric Labs team offers video recording, video editing, and graphic design services specifically tuned to create effective training materials.

We work with clients from the script writing and storyboarding phase and onwards. Use multimedia to bring your training program to life!


For many organizations, providing training in localized languages is critical to their operations. Cogcentric Labs and its partners provide services for a variety of languages and we are always happy to make more translation connections. A translation job on Fabric LMS includes the entire website in addition to the training content itself. Connect with us for the simplest way to speak your audience’s language.

Content Migration

Do you have an existing cache of knowledge that needs a newer, more capable home? Cogcentric Labs can help migrate any content on to the Fabric LMS platform—ensuring the knowledge is immaculately preserved but also enabling new instructional design features along the way.