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Fabric is the easiest and fastest way to publish powerful training content online and get it in the hands of your learners. Once you’ve used the Fabric workflow, you won’t be able to go back to old-fashioned LMSs. Here’s how Fabric’s features will change the way you manage online training in your organization.

Full-featured Content Builder

Fabric's authoring tools work entirely in your browser so you can create and maintain complex course outlines, interactive activities, fillable forms, and challenging exams all in the one place. This means less time and resources spent on external tools, slow publishing workflows, and clumsy content management.

The editor is simple and intuitive, while giving you powerful configuration options that'll take your training content to the next level. Drag and drop your multimedia, type your text, add interactive logic, and edit your images without ever leaving your browser.

Fabric provides 32 element types and infinite possibilities for creating dynamic content.

Unrivaled Learning Experience

No one will appreciate your new Fabric LMS more than your learners. Fabric content is easy to access, custom-tailored, engaging, and works on any device. Activities that are challenging, interactive, adaptive, and look great drive the learning experience and results in long-term retention.

Fabric content is dynamic and reacts to the learner as they watch, respond, and scroll through each page, taking into account their individual learner profile, in ways not possible in any other LMS.

Don't let your platform hold you back from publishing more engaging, easier to access, and fresher content!

Hassle-free Management

Managers have their very own section of the LMS to direct and analyze training within their team. Handle accounts, set deadlines, and view reports in real time. Fabric analytics cover big-picture progress down to individual questions. Reports can be viewed in a browser, downloaded, or subscribed to receive a custom report every week by email.

Every detail of a learner's experience is captured with Fabric's powerful reporting tools from completed courses, to quiz scores, to individual responses, all the way to how long they took to answer a single question.

Getting to know you learners has never been easier!

Branding and Customization

Make your Fabric LMS your own with custom branding, logos, and colors. With Fabric, you also have a whole development team at your disposable to build and implement .

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