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Fabric was created with a single goal in mind: creating a fast and easy way to publish powerful training content online and get it in the hands of your learners. Once you’ve used the Fabric workflow, you won’t be able to go back to your old training delivery methods. Fabric’s features will change the way you build, deliver and manage the training in your organization.

Unrivaled Learning Experience

No one will appreciate your new Fabric LMS more than your learners. Fabric content is easy to access, custom-tailored, engaging, and works on any device. Fabric content is challenging, interactive, adaptive, looks great and delivers an e-learning experience that results in long-term retention.

Publish Great Looking Content

The internet has evolved and trainees want and expect online content that looks and feels great. Fabric content is styled, animated, responsive, and intuitive throughout the learning process.

Interactive, adaptive, and engaging

Fabric e-learning is so much more than a page of text to read, a video to watch or a slideshow to click through; it’s a virtual instructor that curates, engaging and interactive learner experiences, adapts content dynamically and provides automated feedback to the learner throughout their training experience. -The Fabric learning experience is powered by tools not found on any other LMS.

Personalized Training

Fabric provides personalized learning, guidance, feedback and support throughout the training process to any number of learners, roles, departments, locations, job titles and experience levels. Every learner is guided along a training path relevant to their organizational responsibilities, and the knowledge and skills they need to demonstrate.

Assessments that Gauge Competency

Assessments are an integral part of learning and Fabric makes it a smooth and engaging experience for every learner. Publish quizzes with multifaceted passing requirements, logged results, and unique access restrictions. Leverage 13 unique question types to assess learner’s competency in a variety of ways, across any number of topics.

Full-featured Content Builder

Fabric's content authoring suite enables you to easily create and maintain complex courses, interactive activities, fillable forms, workbooks, procedures and challenging exams all in the one place. Having your Authoring Tool, Learning Management System and Content Management System and all in one place saves time and money.

An easy to use and powerful editing interface at your fingertips

Fabric LMS provides a simple and intuitive authoring tool for content creators of all experience levels. Whether you are new to the field or a veteran instructional designer you can quickly assemble professional learning content, without ever leaving your browser.

Modular, reusable and cross-referenced content saves you time

Saving you time was top of mind when we designed Fabric’s unique architecture, as we recognize that maintaining your training content is a long-term commitment and that out of date information is misleading and confusing to your learsners and can negatively impact your organizations productivity and profitability. Fabric content is Modular, reusable and cross-referenced, enabling you to update a graphic, question, video, paragraph and more in one central location and then sit back and smile as your changes are simultaneously applied across all content on your entire site, saving you countless hours of tedious work.

Multimedia and Interactivity as simple as drag and drop

Strategic use of multimedia is what differentiates effective, dynamic learning content that holds the learner’s attention from static content and passive training that quickly become mind-numbing. With 33 element types to work with, Fabric lets you publish multimedia rich, interactive content without writing a single line of code.

Hassle-free Management

We understand that the best LMS for your management team is one that demands the least amount of their time. Fabric streamlines industry best practices in training compliance and reporting so that your managers can focus on managing their teams.

Management Tools

Fabric makes it easy to direct and analyze training within your organization’s teams. Handling accounts, setting deadlines, tracking compliance and viewing reports is quick and stress-free for your managers and supervisors.

Automatic Reminders

Nobody wants to be spending their work day chasing down learners to complete their training on time. Fabric automates notifications for deadlines, completion notices, expiries and releases of new training content. Every automation you set up is one less thing your team needs to worry about.

Drill into Reports at Any Level

Fabric dashboards include the tools for instantaneous reports on training at your fingertips. Start from a bird’s-eye view of your organization and drill into individual performance statistics for any learner. Every detail of a learner's experience is captured with Fabric's powerful reporting tools from completed courses, to quiz scores, to individual responses, all the way to how long they took to answer a single question.

Downloadable and Subscribable Reports Delivered to Your Inbox

Don’t have the time to log into an LMS every day to check the latest numbers? No problem, Fabric gives you the ability to subscribe to any report and receive an automatic update by email every week. -Get the data you need to keep tabs on your organization or your team from within the LMS or delivered by email.

Certificate Generation

Add certificates to your courses and training programs to provide a printable, physical proof of training. Fabric certificates are generated with a unique code that can be verified within the LMS at any time. Managers can quickly and easily see when a certificate was issued, who it was issued to, what it was issued for and when it expires. -Ensuring training compliance just got a lot easier.

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