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Our Mission

At Cogcentric Labs, our mission is to empower our clients in everything they do. We seek to understand client goals and we aim to provide what they need to achieve them. This is why we provide a full range of instructional design and content creation services, as well as training on any aspect of creating engaging online learning and development experiences.

Your Learning Technology Experts

Cogcentric Labs Inc. was founded by Ken MacAllister and Seth Tee to bring research supported strategies from the field of educational technology to training and development in the marketplace. Years of experience designing and implementing training programs let us see the big and growing gap between the research literature and what many organizations are doing; a gap that impacts knowledge transfer, retention, learner engagement, and social learning at any level.

At Cogcentric, we bridge this gap by focusing not only on the technical and business requirements of a new training program, but also the big picture: how education can change companies for the better. This means we want to address the tools, workflows, and long-term planning for training at your organization and we want to do it in a way that aligns with your goals and limitations. We are excited about what education can do for the workplace and we are always on the lookout for like minded professionals.

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