Fabric is a powerful learning platform created by Cogcentric Labs that generates personalized, adaptive learning experiences. Show More: Fabric Overview

Create Thriving Communites of Practice

From the welcoming of new members to the mentoring and guidance of senior members, Fabric strengthens and supports communities of practice by establishing social connections, revealing points of common interest, facilitating private messaging, live chat, and social posts. In Fabric, anything in any learning resource can spawn a knowledge base, start a discussion or Q&A session. Show More: Social Learning

Author Effective, Engaging Content

Fabric has built-in authoring tools for creating powerful, responsive learning content that works on any browser, on any device. Fabric manages the entire end-to-end workflow of setting learning objectives, outlining, collaboration, versioning, global updates, and language translation. Show More: Built-in Authoring Tools

Track & Analyze Organizational Learning

Watching your organization learn is one of the most important things you can do. It reveals your most engaged learners or the struggling ones. It highlights what your learners already know, and what they want to know better. Fabric reports take up-to-the-minute data and organizes them into valuable intel that you can use to make the best possible decisions. Show More: Tools to Analyze Learning

Build & Design Your Custom Site

Fabric is built to be customized; it is a core strategy of Cogcentric Labs, and we believe it's the only way to get a solution that sticks. Fabric was created to be the perfect platform for customization. Whether it's getting a distinguishing look, aligning with a unique organizational structure, or enabling a novel business model, Fabric can be easily and quickly updated according to your timeline. Show More: Off The Rack vs. Tailored

Beyond LMS

Tell us your biggest organizational learning challenges and we will show you how to overcome them faster and more effectively than any alternative. Fabric is free to try, free and easy to learn, and will completely transform how learning happens in your organization for the better. We guarantee that you will see significant, measurable improvements that go far beyond a traditional LMS.



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